17 October, 2009

Visiting with Suzi leads to...

My friend, Suzi, told me about this tutorial for a CD Holder that she saw here. She practically dared me to sew it. She needed a new one for her car visor.

In all honesty, I did say, "no".
And when I arrived home - I watched the  Celtic Thunder DVD I had borrowed from the library and worked on my crocheted scarf.
But I couldn't stop thinking about how the CD Holder was similar in construction to my Passport Wallet and suddenly fabrics leapt into my hands.
Just over an hour later, a CD holder present for Suzi.

Great Tutorial if you are inclined to rid yourself of scraps today.

And, of course, what project would  be complete unless something goes wrong? One broken needle and bias tape swearing (no kids at home - I'm safe, I guess.)

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