05 October, 2009


My sister and I are traveling to Ireland in about THREE WEEKS.
We still have no place to stay but we have passport wallets!
These are so stinking cool!

I saw some passport wallet  ideas at Sew Mama Sew and narrowed it down to this Fabulous Tutorial by Lara Cameron.
The layering of the outside fabric, the pockets and the lining turned out perfectly.
It was truly an easy sew project.
Easy sew - unless you are me - I needed to add the credit card and ID pockets.  I had to add the button and loop closure.  I decided to add a cute pocket on the right hand side for  - I don't know - ticket stubs - maybe?  
Easy smeezey.

And --you can tailor this tutorial to any size book/journal/little tiny passport. Lara Cameron makes measuring your passport/journal easy to translate to fabric.  Most of the ideas on the web for passport wallets must be for countries where the passports are ginormous.
I wanted something I could find easily in my carry-on bag but be small enough for running around with. We are in Dublin for six days so I can see us carrying our passports around with us.
While we are there, I found out the knitting and stitching show is going on, amazingly on the dates we are in Dublin.  Type in 'RDS Dublin' and you can see the workshops for Oct. 30 - Nov.1.
And we can't forget this show stopper. The Guinness Tour.

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