10 October, 2009

Garage Sale Friday

It's been a while since Suzi, Marguerite and I got together to garage sale. 

I was tired from work and feeling menstural and I almost said, "No, thank you." I am so glad I went. Suzi helped by driving my car. My Dodge Caliber is new this summer and is a stick shift, so it is super fun to drive. So far, the Caliber has passed the 'garage sale test' three times!

I found this chair and ottoman for twenty bucks - which I had to borrow from the bank of Suzi as I did not have enough cash in my wallet.  Comfy, but dirty (the chair - not Suzi's wallet).

We moved a few things around in the car and it fit!
Amazing! Three people, one chair, one ottoman, and a huge box of fabric.
Here it is drying in the sun. Suzi has one of those Green Machines which I test drove on this chair. Definitely sun fading but most of the dirt came off. A great re-upholstery project.  The cushion is inside. I took the cushion cover off and washed it - it's still in the dryer.

Here's what else we found. A huge box of upholstery weight fabrics from Calico Corners, etc. in various florals, chinese theme, solids, etc.
The top one with the elephant is my favorite. There are a couple with monkeys.

Some of the pieces are more than half yards. Enough to make pillows and/or purses.
Price? It was marked 50 cents/piece. We made an offer for the entire box and it was ours for $5.00. Suzi & I split it between us.
Marguerite  was allowed only one piece - a gold voile to use for the
Christmas Bazaar.

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