16 October, 2009

Colton Grange

Friday Rummage Sales

I think I love Rummage sales the most because of the sewing & crafting stuff.
This one was  here in Colton, Oregon
Canby is a tad south of Portland, and Colton is a tad south of me.
It was really a gorgeous fall day for a drive in the country.

Found this box of sewing goodies for $2. When I saw the charms above - three packets full, I was sold. Well - the button jar was worth it, Yes - all of the ribbons - let's just say the box was worth it.
Grandmother Stover's - Cincinati, Ohio.  Have you heard of them? - just the cutest little charm packs.
Dauschounds, lassie dogs, scotties, poodles, bull dogs. Way cute.
Way cute times three packets.

There was a wall hanging. Possibly hand-screened. Instantly I was thinking - cool bag.
What else could I do with this fabric? Ideas?

When I got home, my Marionberry Syrup was waiting for me.
My neighbor makes Glenmore Farms Jams, Jellies, & Syrups right here in Canby, Oregon.
Marionberry Syrup is my favorite and I get a case every year. Do I actually get to use it?

No - thanks to my lectin intolerance, I am staying away from all grain flours so there is really nothing to drizzle Marionberry syrup on. 
Most of the jars are given as gifts to my favorite people. My  nephew, Ian in Minnesota, gets a tad testy if he doesn't have his red sauce.

This Namaste Pancake Mix, by the way, is really, really good. Add eggs - or not. It has Rice, tapioca & arrowroot flours, rice milk powder, cream of Tartar, baking soda and ground vanilla bean. All fantastic if you are suffering from gluten intolerance. Namaste makes a fantastic Spice Cake (add the carrots for a fabulous moist carrot cake) mix as well.

For all that I named this blog after my super intelligent dog, Rocket, he hasn't made too many appearances yet. Here's  where he sleeps while I am at the computer. His safe cave.

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