24 October, 2009

Bloomin' Bag

My friend, Pencil Girl, and I took a class here to make this purse. It was difficult to get time off my work to run over to St. Helen's to take this class.  I missed last month's bag class. A new bag/purse class is offered each month for just $10!

This one was fun. I finally, Thursday at 2pm - my proverbial last minute, decided on using my Pendleton fabric and found coordinating fabrics in my stash. Here's the outer bag - standing up!

 Lots of Decor Bond and fusible Pellon fleece went into this bag. It's a small bag - only 12" across but sturdy.

All hands on deck - cutting out numerous outer fabrics, linings, pockets, decor bond, fleece.

Pencil Girl sewing her outer bag. She chose a black & White theme with the flower - an eye-popping red beaded flower.

Do YOU have one of these pens? I have one now.
It's from Sewline. It's a 'chalk' line pen using pink ceramic lead. The pink color shows up really well on different colors of fabric. There are refills too.  It's similar to a mechanical pencil.
There was another pen that - with a flip of the button - would change from white to black to trace.
I almost bought that one but it didn't come with refills and it was a dollar more....

Back to the lining and pockets. Lined with Decor bond for stiffness. I have a three-way pocket going with cell phone in middle. It wasn't done on purpose -  just symmetrical.

This bag has a nice zippered compartment inside. You can just make out the zipper on the black lining to the right of the bag.

Our almost finished bags. The handle is lined and then doubled with the pellon fleece inside and I struggled to get that through the machine. I gave up ( nearly 5pm!) and I am going to redo my handle. I'll cut out a new handle and end the fusible fleece prior to the ends where you are attaching to the purse and the D-rings. Or,  I might just use the Decor Bond to give it stiffness without the bulk. I haven't decided yet.

The orange purse was nearly finished - just the detail flower thingy still to go.  I loved her choice of the stripes (middle) and the top fabric picking up a green element instead of another brown/orange.

That bag on the upper right? - she used one of the outer fabrics ( the striped fabric) to make her inside cell phone pocket.

Bloomin' Bag by Dancin' Daisy Designs 

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  1. I feel that you should try and make those cinch bags that all the cool kids are wearing these days. Very popular amongst people who use them for small little workout bags. Google them if you are confused mom.


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