25 September, 2014

Pendleton Pillow Time

I had a request by the nephew to make a U of O pillow ;'()

He was here in the summer and saw one on the top shelf of my sewing room. I used to do holiday bazaars and still had a couple of Oregon State &  University of Oregon pillows leftover - need to photograph them and throw them into the etsy shop.

I thought while I was at it, I might as well sew some new pillows for the son's new place.
I had one 24" pillow form in stash - the others are a small 16". The 24" is nice and big for three young men.
You have to have a matched pair of pillows  - I certainly have enough wool. I may even go for a triplet set.
It's a great excuse to go to the fabric store to buy another 24" form. 

 I sewed some Pendleton pillows last fall for a friend and repeated it on a larger scale.
 Her's came out at 18" and they look kinda puny on today's humongous couches.

I picked up the red plaid shirting at the Pendleton booth at SewExpo this spring. The rest of the wool strips are from my stash. I've been sewing for 2 1/2 days straight from my stash and has it decreased in size???
{rhetorical question - do not answer}{{unless you have a joke about the size of stashes}}

Here is the U of O pillow case (18") folded into a ziploc bag. This is how I am mailing it.
Yes, you can mail in a see-thru ziploc bag. Use the freezer ones as they are thicker. Tape well - no loose edges.
The recipient (and me, too) gets ridiculously excited to see the actual item inside the packaging they are getting in the mail. Smiles all around!

Usually at 18", the envelope back will pop open (exposing the dirty underside of pillow business). I incorporate zipper installations to keep things square. My stash did not include a green nor a yellow zipper so I did a wide envelope back.

One side is cotton, the other is soft polar fleece.


  1. That freezer bag would fly right through customs. Wonder if it would survive an overseas trip?

  2. The downside - you can see what you're sending. Since I usually send socks or a book (low value items), I can't imagine anyone tempted to steal those.

  3. You've made some very nice gifts! We went to the Pendleton store in Washougal today and I got some blanket fabric to do a few crafty projects.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh, the stealing thing. Didn't think of that. I am too trusting. The Japanese post office is so great, I can't imagine them stealing anything, but I bet it happens.

  5. I use transparent carrier bags when handing crafted stuff to a customer, never thought to use it in the post too, what a fun idea


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