27 September, 2014

Joann's Fabric Store

A friend sent me this:

Great discussion on how corporate america really works big box stores.

Did you read this?

I work for the federal government and my job is run almost exactly as posted in the above.

My local Joann's is 20 minutes away. My best fabric store - Fabric Depot, is a good 30 minutes away. It's often faster to drive to Fabric Depot to get a few items than wait in line at Joann's. Of course there is that dreaded carbon footprint of driving more and longer distances....


  1. I love Fabric Depot! We were both fabric minded yesterday, we went to the Pendleton Mill Store in Washougal.. swoooooon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Flipping heck! We have hobby craft here, wider range of craft supplies than JoAnn's, but similar management expectations I think except they allow the unpaid overtime

  3. Hi Kathy,mi also live here in portland, or and I just joined your blog. Teresa has told us you were coming to join us one of these days... I hope you can, we would love to meet you. I'm glad you had fun a OFFF. I was thee I. The morning. Enjoy yr week and it is very nice to meet you :)


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