22 September, 2014

Malibu Satchel

Before attaching straps

 This was an easy sew up. The tutorial directions are easy to follow.
I, of course, had someone in mind, who is off to school this next week and I am way behind in my gift-giving.
I'm rarely content with sewing up easy gifts as directed.

I had a wool suit in my stash for the outside and some aqua sharkskin for the inside with a fun bicycle print for detailing.

 First off, I utilized the suit jacket pocket for the backside. It's a real pocket with oscar de la renta lining. Big enough for . . .??
I love the detail and the fact I just needed to cut around it to rectangular dimensions.

 For the front piece, I noticed the slash pocket on the skirt portion of the suit. Another fun detail with an unexpected pocket for ticket stubs, change, whatever without having to open the flap.
I centered my pattern piece over the pocket, eyeballing an amount that would be incorporated into the 'side panel' when boxing the bottom corners. When the satchel side seams were sewn and boxed, the pocket sits right where your hand can reach it easily.

The front piece with that slash pocket also had waistband gathers. In order to cut my rectangular piece out, I had to gather the bottom to that measurement.
A fun variation for the Malibu Satchel.

I'm off to sew a wallet now.


  1. Oh my.. I adore this bag! I'm a bag-aholic, did you know that? I love the suit pocket worked into the design. Good job! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Great repurposing! Love the pocket details

  3. No one will ever guess it used to be a suit. Very creative, and the silver D rings match nicely.


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