19 September, 2014


Sewing. Running. Out of D-rings.
Well, I found some large gold d-rings.
I have my heart set on silver colored and 1" d-rings.
I followed this tute.

Made this out of a woman's suit jacket & skirt. I'll post some more photos tomorrow.
After I raid Joann's for supplies.


  1. You can get 14 in a pack at the dollar store here. I've got some antique bronze ones now, and will look for silver for you asap.

    1. The dollar store is closer than joanns -thanks for the tip.

  2. PS - You're quick. I've got that saved in my inbox to try out soon.

  3. Good luck finding them at your dollar store. I was sooo disappointed in the selection back there. Looking for fancy masking tape, we only found three rolls, all ugly. Here the row of masking tape is more than two yards square! The sewing supplies are pretty good too. D rings, squeeze frames, kiss lock frames, buttons, notions, and even cute zipper pull charms (like 8 or 10 in a pack). Now I know you'll want to visit soon!!

  4. Yes. I'm coming!
    You were right about dollar store = nothing.
    However, next door was Ace Hardware. Scored d rings.

  5. Love it! i wouldn't have thought of a hardware shop - well done


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