28 September, 2014

Flock And Fiber Festival Canby 2014

Yesterday, I met for the first time, one of my favorite Oregon bloggers, Teresa Kasner.
She writes over Corbett way with stunning views of Mt. Hood, Crown Point & Multnomah Falls - where she does volunteer work every week.
She is a gorgeous photographer and showcases a lot of iconic Oregon scenery.

She made some crocheted bunting that I just love. She used it on her annual family camping trip and it made the canopy very bright and happy.
She has shown Multnomah Falls in all seasons. This one is from last Fall.
She also likes to photograph flowers which I enjoy seeing.

She treks over to Canbyland for the Flock & Fiber Festival most years and I suggested we meet up.

The Flock & Fiber Festival is all about flocks of sheep, goats, alpacas, etc and their fiber.
How to spin it, dye it, knit it, crochet it, felt it.

Felted purses. I liked the felted 'leaf' flap with the burn outs.

Teresa coveted these baskets.

While I need to pull out my felting supplies and do some needle felting.

For the Bunting Queen, Benta,  over in the UK - apparently this trend has made it's way to Oregon. Quite a few booths featured bunting for decoration.

Vendors were selling wool, roving, felted creations, knitting paraphernalia - stitch markers, hand-turned needles - anything to do with sheeps, goats, rabbits, alpacas and llamas.

The Spinners were set up outside where the sun finally broke through the clouds and people in their wool jumpers suddenly got hot.

I rather liked the dude on the right with his hair-do.

Teresa brought her husband and two grand kids along. Her husband used to raise goats and told a few stories about how they get the horns off while still babies. These goats with the horns escaped that.
Her husband also flew helicopters in the Vietnam war and afterwards on the oil rigs and I enjoyed those stories too.

It was fun to watch the boys with the goats and alpacas. I miss having small children around.

These boys reached right in to pet these goats and alpacas.

This is for my bloggy friend Gene Black. The denim strips were woven along with some shiny silver  mylar and yellow ribbon to create this large shawl.

The Flock & Fiber Festival is a free event that comes to Canby each September at the fairgrounds. You can register for classes online or just come and watch the animal judging and vendor booths.
People come from far and wide with their creations to show off and talk to fellow fiber artists.

The spinner below in the video was telling me about the "2:00 pm   Spinner’s Triathlon Competition – Central Lawn" on Sunday.

 I've always gone on Saturday after work but next year, I think I'll make time for the Spinner's Triathlon - a fun way to show off your spinning talents.

If you've ever wanted to spin fiber into yarn....


  1. Thanks! I enjoyed the shawl but I really enjoyed seeing the Louet spinning wheel in action in the video.
    I have yet to make it to a fiber festival - and that is probably very good for my wallet. ha ha.

  2. You do! I dared myself to move my denim stash on to a better home so I'll have to save up again.

  3. Hi Kathy! What fun it was to meet you yesterday! We'll have to meet for lunch sometime where we can chat more. Too many diversions yesterday! I can't believe I only spent $1! I am still wishing I'd bought that pink and green basket. LOL! Thanks for trying to help us corral our "quiet and well-behaved" grandsons. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. It was fun to finally meet you too!

  5. Thanks for sharing this Kathy -- I LOVE going to Fiber Festivals and missed the two closest to me this year. It's nice to see all the vendors and artists -- I enjoyed the post. Take care, Karen

  6. I love when bloggy friends get to meet up in person!

  7. Oh wow that looks an amazing festival! And so lovely to meet a fellow crafter IRL ! Thanks for the shout, sorry it's taken me so long to read it!!!!! Your bunting is still doing well, it came down yesterday as a sample piece for a class but will go back up today: it's such a cheerful sight outside the window!


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