27 April, 2014

Tie Dye Birthday Cakes

The daughter came back from Europe straight into another year older.
I saw this Duff's Tie Dye  cake mix at Target and immediately had to make this cake for her.

The color dyes are fabulous. They bake nearly true to the cake box art.

I made the Camouflage Cake for the other child back in February.
These are simple cake mixes.
You divy up the batter into small bowls, color them, plop them in the cake pans.
A little messy. But easy clean-up messy.

Real simple Buttercream frosting.
Added some bling.

Found a setting on my smarty pants phone -making the cake a cartoon-like image.

Very tasty.
Very tie dye.

Although I can only taste the frosting because of my food sensitivities.

The plate was designed and made by my daughter. It is now the designated  cake plate.

In major marketing genious, Duff's made youtube videos if you think making the cake is difficult!

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  1. Fab ! Welcome home to daughter, both mine are off soon but just shorts hols (oldest tomorrow to Arizona, for two week, youngest off next week to Mexico for a week ). Cake looks awesome, plate too!!!!


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