09 April, 2014

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

My local library has been offering free classes funded through Friend's of the Library.

Last month, I took an Origami class - flowers!
And last night - a class on decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

What a fantastic teacher! Originally from the Czeck Republic, she emigrated to the USA back in the 80's. Along with a full-time job, she conducts classes on this subject.
That's 30 years of teaching!

You start by learning how to melt wax in the thingymading - Kistka and draw with the wax.
When your design is done, it is dipped in an ink-dye and then you wax design on top of that.
Then it is dipped in ink-dye again (2 -3 times) and the result is intense color saturation around your design.

You can be as elaborate as you what. Random or Patterns.

"I can't do this" was heard many times last night. Especially amongst the older ladies.
There's no wrong way or right way.
As we get older, the urge to stifle creativity becomes worse.

When acquaintances find out that I made something, there is amazement that I know how to make something. And the negativity on my part? That I see the flaws.

Let your creativity free folks.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

The tan lines are the brown egg. This is where the first round of wax went. It was first dipped in purple and then more wax applied and then dipped in green.

First in blue, then more wax, then green. The inside of the birdie is the first color - then covered and surrounded by the new color.

We did one practice egg, then our 'real' egg. Not enough time to do a third. This is my first. Love my rooster.

My second egg.

What would a cool craft be without being pyromaniacs! 

This candle will melt the wax in your Kistka so you can 1,2,draw,1,2,draw, repeat.

Try something new today. Watch the negative attitude.

Timberline Lodge - Mt. Hood
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  1. I like your rooster, too.
    The Oregon photo is amazing and the last one looks like chiogami. Wowza.


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