18 April, 2014

The Best Daughter Ever

photo by way of phone image by way of London.
London Museum of Science

Only fair to throw the daughter into the blog too. She's been traveling through Europe this last month.

She started in New York, crossed the pond to London, then moved to Paris.
 A little pickpocketed phone incident involving those Romanian Girls outside Notre Dame.

Next were Budapest, Prague, Vienna with a  few Philharmonic concerts.
Lots of old friends and new friends made.

She's now back in London. Where she stopped and took this photo for her mommy.
She's such a good daughter and totally gets me.

She's coming home via Dublin next week - just in time for her birthday.
{I do hope she was successful finding a deal on Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric in London}
Cannot wait to see her as she had the very best time with a tiny exception in France.

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