06 April, 2014

Rainbow Sewing

I finished two items today.
A rainbow heart bunting and a vinyl zippered pouch with a rainbow on the back.

Sewing with vinyl can be curse-worthy.
But interesting.

I used  my clover clips to hold the bias binding in place. I also utilized the paper that came with my vinyl to help sew it easier. Then I tore the paper off the stitches. The trick with vinyl is a fresh needle, and something to help make it move - whether it be a teflon foot, tissue paper or K-Y jelly. Yep, Pencil girl told me that one. She sometimes sews for Michael Curry Design in Scappoose, Oregon.
They sew a lot of weird stuff. Where you need some tricks up your sleeve.

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  1. How did I miss this post? Gorgeous! Gorgeous! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!


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