02 April, 2014

Sewing Spits & Sputters

 Zippered bag with vinyl inset in front to see into bag.
 Trying out some 'rivets'

Sewing is happening. Slowly. Thoughtfully.
Nothing really done.
Except for this burlap heart bunting.

Lots of flowers bursting forth in my yard.

Small Redbud that is absolutely, stunningly, covered in blooms.

Pretty Hostas B.S. (before slugs)

Azalea - from my great-aunts' yard



My favorite Tulips (right now)

Grape Hyacinths


  1. OMG! You have SO many flowers!! Only snowdrops here. Daffodils still haven't bloomed. They're at least 3 weeks late.

  2. Younger sister is in St. Frozen, Minnesota.
    As the older sister, it is my job to torture her with spring for three months before it arrives in MN.
    She just had crocuses show whereas ours are long gone!

  3. ♫ Raindrops on rhodies... ♫ :-)

  4. Oooh lovely flowers, and I love the idea of bunting from burlap!


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