16 August, 2012

Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament

 The Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament was last weekend (2nd weekend in August). My son has been competing the last few years. This year, he was still playing when I finished my Saturday work so I zipped ( haha - 2 hours!) down to Seaside to watch him play.

Last year, he was eliminated just as I finished work. This was my first visit to Seaside in a long while.
Seaside is the beach you go to if you want to do some shopping in the outlet malls, or play games in the arcade or visit the Seaside Aquarium.

The beach does not rank as my first choice (native Oregonian). Oregon has nearly 363 miles of beautiful beaches if you need to feel the Pacific between your toes .
The soft sand at Seaside extends out about 1/2 mile - the hard sand another 1/2 mile before you can even touch the salty ocean. Shells, Schmells, nada.

For a volleyball tournament, way cool.

Brian's partner has played club ball but the soft sand was exhausting. Her legs were like jello after just a few games on Friday. By Saturday? most teams were suffering - except for the Californian's. They are about the only teams to actually practice on beach sand.

The other problem with Seaside is too many people.
The day started in clouds and eventually the sun burned through around 4pm.

The wind is also an interesting factor in beach volleyball. Switching courts, reminding oneself to play harder against the wind, or softer with the wind.

Who is Naomi and what did Kevin do?
We were entertained around 3:30pm  by a Cessna 150 towing this sign from Kevin. It circled the volleyball courts at least five times before heading back to the airport.
Not your usual "Please marry me" sign.

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  1. How awesome of you to drive the two hours to watch your son play ball. I loved seeing the pictures of Seaside. I didn't go there very often, but spent lots of time at Canon (or Cannon? been gone too long) Beach. I loved to have breakfast at Lazy Susan's Cafe there in town. Ah, good memories....


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