05 August, 2012

Cottage Grove, Oregon

I only go to Cottage Grove for three things.
One:   The Stearman Fly-in is held here in early August.
Two:   Territorial Seeds is right there on the Cottage Grove airfield.
Three: I get to fly here.

There supposedly is a fabric store on Main ( Pandora's Box) but I haven't managed it yet.

Our first terribly HOT day in Oregon at nearly 100'f (40'c) was, well, hot.
We flew down after I got off work and stayed around to talk Stearman with new & old friends.

I traipsed over to Territorial where you can touch everything plantwise that is in their awesome catalog.
I bought some seeds for fall planting (as soon as our 'heat wave' breaks) and some Wallo' waters for next spring's tomato plants.

 Flying south to Cottage Grove. Farmers have mostly bailed their hay by this time and there are intricate designs in the fields. Hard to photograph today because of the noon hour and the hot haze.
Purple lavender field blooming. Not sure what orange field is -at center. Maybe clover.

 Some of the stubble fields are burned (controlled). This one struck my camera eye.


There was a small breeze as we sat under the wings of our Stearmans and chatted idly about anything you had the energy to discuss while drinking bottle after bottle of water.
Dinner at 6pm was catered and good and we flew home shortly afterwards.

That flight home was even more hot. Our poor wooden prop could not beat hard enough to lift us higher without the oil pressure skyrocketing. We battled it out at 2400', hot and bothered.

I took a couple of videos and some photos which I will drag to the bottom of this post - not to bore you or anything with too many fond photos of cool planes.

After our epic trip to Sweden & Finland, I have about a thousand photos to deal with. I've pretty much decided what I am doing with them but 'someone' (me) has to actually do the organizing.

One book will be photos of the trip. The second might be of the cool planes. The third -- of discovered family with a few genealogy charts scanned in.

I also need to figure out which ones to print out to send to said family in Mariehamn. I did a fantastic job of bringing thank you gifts so I don't feel the need to send out more. One tiny thing checked off my list.
I came back to a yard gone wild and a nice full-load work schedule which has already paid off the visa (good) but has left little time for updating the blog, sewing, or just rambling.
My husband's jet-lag cold turned into Pneumonia making me feel quite behind in my summer busyness.
I have thought of some blog post ideas and will get to them as soon as I can.

I refuse to show zucchini on my blog but rest assured we have lots and lots of garden produce; tomatoes, potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, greens, basil, and zucchini.
Not gonna show all the weeds either. They are being dealt with, slowly.

Waco recently restored. Owner-pilot is only a few hours into his 20 hours dual instruction.

To see more photos from a previous flyin, go here.
As you scroll through, look for our plane.

Need a hint?

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  1. It took a while to upload this video.-3 hrs.
    I took another but don't want to spend time babysitting the upload.
    That little girl is from Utah - up for a family reunion. Mom was trying to take photos and hang on to the girl and put hands to her ears. Multi -tasking.


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