22 August, 2012

Huskies & Husqvarnas

As an eclectic collector of all things Alaska and Airplanes, I was blown away by the scope of this project.   Pendleton Woolen Mills shared their share of this (gonna be) classic Canadian Pacific DC-3 Yarn Bomb.

Canadian Pacific DC-3 Yarn Bomb from Tyler Kuhn on Vimeo.
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 ***borrowed form the Vimeo site:

""Canadian Pacific DC-3 Yarn Bomb
Knitting for History: Yarn Bombing the DC-3
On Saturday August 11 the Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective, in partnership with the Yukon Transportation Museum and the Yukon Arts Centre, broke a world record by creating the world's largest transportation yarn bomb. A dedicated team spent months knitting over 6000 square feet of blankets and sewing them together into giant pattern panels. Then on the fateful Saturday they came together to install their creation on Whitehorse, Yukon's historic DC-3 plane (which is incidentally also the world's largest weather vane).
The purpose of this interactive public art project was to transform a historic aircraft into a large scale public art project, to foster an appreciation for fibre arts, and to teach the lifelong skills of knitting and crocheting to adults and children. Once the project is complete, blankets will be donated to local charities and shelters.
The giant yarn bomb will be installed and on display for the public to appreciate until August 21, 2012 at the Yukon Transportation Museum (goytm.ca).
The Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective actively promotes fibre arts through yarn bombing inanimate objects and offering workshops on fibre arts and yarn bombing to the public. We are based out of Whitehorse, Yukon.
To learn more about us please visit:
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And if you want to see some stills from the project, look here:
Shot on a Canon 7D, Canon 20D and GoPro Hero2
18-55 F2.8 IS
70-200 F4 L
Huskies & Husqvarnas
Tim Hus
Huskies & Husqvarnas (2006)

The questions you gotta ask yourself while watching is, "How did I miss this catchy song?

"...where huskies & husqvarnas are the tools of the trade..."

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  1. A yarn bombed plane - that must have made your day!


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