06 August, 2012

Knapp Carlsson

 If you ever need a fantastic button or perfect trim . . .
Knapp Carlsson in Gothenberg, Sweden  is a beautiful inspiration.
Eye candy? Oh my.

 Cabinet after cabinet filled with threads, trims, buttons.
Old cabinets. I lusted after the cabinets.

 A busy, narrow store. Utilizing every square inch in a dreamy, creative display.

 Button, button, who's got the button?

 The Swedes are big on please take a number. More efficient. 

One of my problems with the trip photos is I took photos with both my smarty pants phone and my digital camera.
The smart phone is a really good camera but hard to use outside in the sun with all the glare on the screen. Sometimes where we were are on both camera and phone as hubby was also taking photos.
The only bad part is how to combine photos from both cameras. The smart phone will e-mail me each photo but seems to balk at sending more than one photo at a time (tedious).
It's actually faster using the android blogging tool to post a photo to the blog.
So - basically some of these photos take some time to place them where I need them to be.

Thankfully these Knapp Carlsson's were all on the digital camera which were much easier to upload.
The smarty pants has a SD card which might have all the photos in an easier to load format but it's one of those tiny sd cards. Not sure how that works. Child was home this weekend and I forgot to ask him. Anyone got ideas? on how to download all the camera photos (and also get them off my phone to cut down on battery suction?

I'll leave you with some small trivia. Gothenberg is on the west coast of Sweden and where we started our trip. Also written as Goteberg (o with the two dots on it. Don't have the Scandinavian alphabet thingy on regular blogger - I do have it on the smarty pants phone!).
Gothenberg is pronounced (roughly from a native Oregonian) GO-thin-berg.
Goteberg is pronounced  ga-tooeybery

One is Swedish, the other Finnish.


My friend Tuike (TOO-E-KAY) lives there now. She grew up in Finland and her apartment is the best place to stay in Sweden.
She cooked and fed us even though she 'isn't a very good cook".   She is a wonderful cook - don't let her tell you otherwise.

She made a fruit pie ( I would call this a thin cake) for ME --gluten-free and another for hubby with regular flour. This is where I learned my new baking trick. I commented on the crunchiness of the 'crust' and she shared her secret. She grates almond paste over the top. I did this to my blueberry muffins. Everyone loved it.

She took time off work - well really - she's managed to take most of the summer off work but anyway, she planned out some fun ways to see Gothenberg and also allowed some airplanes and sewing places into the mix.

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