30 January, 2012



My creative friend sent me a link to yet another extremely fun purse.
They are called Macaroons. They can get very very elaborate and the greatest thing is that no seam is longer than 5 inches! Alhough most of those 5 inch seams are done by hand.
I think I spent an hour putting my first one together.

They are tiny little ring presentation cookies. The base is from a 1 1/2" covered button so a half dollar will fit. There is some vertical room for  tiny things like an engagement ring.

I had to go to Joann's Sunday. My list included:
1. double-fold bias tape (because I was 4" short on my work apron)
2. 1 1/2" covered buttons ( sure couldn't find any in my enormous stash - not a one)
3. 5" zipper (even though the macaroon tute gave a link on how to shorten metal zips, I was already going to Joann's).

Of course, when I finally got to the check-out with only one piece of fabric in addition to my list (good girl!), my wallet hadn't come with me. It was  back on the kitchen island - 15 minutes away. And my $20 emergency gas money wasn't in my first-aid kit - maybe not since the kids first left home - must be because we all have cells now).

Idea from tutorial. The next one for me.

Joann's vaguely promised to hold my purchase and I drove all the way home - this time at the correct speed limit - and drove all the way back. Golly.


They are cute.

The most difficult hand-stitching is slip-stitching the inner plate into the purse. Next time, I would just hot glue it. But if you need to stitch it, try using one of your curved needles. Tight-tight space.

There is a bit of machine-sewing with your zipper foot at the beginning. After that it is all handsewing.

I think I will throw this into the etsy shop. Any ideas about pricing?


  1. Very cool. I could envision this hanging at the OSU bookstore. I immediately wanted one when I first saw it, without even wondering what would fit inside. Nice job!

  2. What a cute macaroon. I admire your patience for making such tiny purses, but come on...Where's the Duck macaroon ;)


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