02 January, 2012

Cool Coffee Table

My son had a vision. A creative vision. He wanted to get a glass top for this coffee table and place beer caps underneath. He found the table for two bucks and set about collecting beer caps. This took a few weeks (college student).

 I came up with the nine-patch design and he also wanted to incorporate his snowboarding sticker collection. The glass top idea was ditched and another design was hatched.

 My son asked if I had some webbing/netting to place under the table to hold remotes. Nevermind that I was knee-deep in Christmas preparations, sewing gifts that needed to be done,  and a crazy work schedule - not to mention the baking.  I jumped to attention and sewed some double-fold bias tape around the edges, and placed grommets at the corners.
Well - actually - I was about the change the serger thread and it still had black thread cones on - so I quickly zipped this out. I think this originally came from a trampoline? but I found the material at a garage sale.

The tedius job of drilling holes for the beer caps was started.
Then straightening the caps a bit so they would drop down into the holes.

 Figuring out patterns.

 First coat of varnish.

 Each sticker had to be carefully set-in before the beer caps were dropped into the hole.

 Tape around the edges to keep varnish from dripping. Clean edge. This table rocks.

I want one. I may have to buy it off him.

This is like the ultimate I Spy coffee table.


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