13 January, 2012

Temari Balls

After all the gift goodness on the previous post, I thought this would be the best way to say Thank You to a dear friend!

Temari Balls can be addictive. I have made a few now and there are so many designs to choose from.
My creative friend gave me a book on Temari Balls at Christmas that has some good designs in it.
I also own this one too. This pattern is called Striped Obi.

 Temari are very tactile. There is slight give to the surface and the threads lined up entice you. And if you are really thinking, you'll add a little rattle inside to make your insides sing.

All it takes to start is a bunch of thread. Lol.

These are a great way to use up nearly used up spools of thread - serger cones, specifically. I look for these at garage sales.
The thread above is a pearl cotton which is thicker for the designs placed on top of the base thread wrap.

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  1. I've never heard of temari balls before, they look great fun!


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