15 January, 2012

Catch-up Photos

Clearing out my temporary photo file --- wanted to share:

Miss Ella - behaving herself at  an Ikea shopping trip

 Missy Sophea - my great-niece. One of her grandma's made this darling knitted jumper dress. The armholes and neckline have a knitted embellishment.

 My fabulous Amaryllis.
Sent up one stalk which was four (4!) trumpets. The second stalk also had four trumpets.
It started blooming New Year's Day and is still going strong.

 Playing around with my camera settings - post Christmas.
I'd taken all the ornaments off and sorted them into boxes for my kids and wrapped the rest away - down to the lights when I took this breather.

And finally, this cute little doll-sized trunk. It looks like a simple wood box you can buy at Micahel's and then add 'leather' embellishments.  It's on my inspiration board- which if I could manage one more web platform - would be Pinterest.  Pretend Pinterest.

I think this closes out 2011.


  1. That mini trunk would be perfect for the mini mail I want to make with my daughter!

  2. The Christmas tree photos are fun! I love the knitted jumper, especially with the rainbow colored trim. It's so fun to hang out with little people. I love to be able to spend time with my very young nephews when I visit Oregon.

  3. The jumper is fabulous. Nice photos of the Christmas trees. The black and white photo is especially intriguing. How did you get the green lights?

  4. Pencil Girl asked how I got the B&W photo to show green lights.
    I have a 'scene' setting on my digital camera (Canon powershot A540).

    Indoor, Foliage, Snow, Beach -best with airplane photos - helps get the gray horizon more distinct.
    I think this was either Fireworks or Underwater. Or was it night?

    Technical, Kathy - good job!


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