29 January, 2012

Tea Cozy

The only thing I sewed in January was a work apron?!?!

Rumblings of "How Pitiful!" came forth from the depths of my spleen yesterday.
I couldn't let that slide.

Rambling around on the internet came forth with this gem that I felt a need to make.
The tea cozy turned out wonderfully.
Very Kerry Berry provided a template for the tea cozy shape and I strip-sewed the teapot together and sewed it on as an applique.
I did make a promise to myself that I would sew more for myself this year instead of giving it all away. I tend to take care of others because it is easier. Yes, easier.

When is the last time you sewed something just for you?
I find it much easier to dive into a project if I have someone in mind. The fabrics in  their colors tend to jump into my design basket so much easier. But if I were to sew something for myself?
Let's just say is it is difficult to take the time, to pick fabrics and notions with myself in mind, but more importantly, "Am I worthy of this selfish time spent on myself?"

In any case, I didn't sew this tea cozy for me. But I did figure out a process. The steps to make this little striped teapot, the process,  that IS sewing time for me.

Even though I don't have much personal sewing around me, I really enjoy the process of figuring out how to get a finished product off my cutting table just by looking at a photo.

Complicated subject: My new years goal is to make those projects more for me. Go beyond the process and sew the item with ME in mind. My colors, my fabrics, something I can use.

And if that is a work apron, so be it.


*** And I did sew this with someone in mind. But now I am trapped in my new rule of not giving it all away. Now what?

I found this amazing sight this morning as the dawn came forth with light:

Pencil Girl: This is my Underwater setting scene on my camera. I believe that's how I got the green lights on the Christmas Tree too.


  1. I just love the little "Dream" added to the pot- hang it in your kitchen and just enjoy the notion that you might use it!

  2. Lovely tea cosy. Do make somethings for yourself this year!

  3. I love your double rainbow photo. I would not have thought of using the underwater setting on your camera. That is a very interesting concept.

  4. Love the steam coming out of the spout!


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