05 February, 2012

A Little House

This little house took just a bit of time today to make. A Bit of This and A Bit Of That threw out a sewing challenge   via SewMamaSew's facebook page.
The idea is to make a small gift and add a personal letter. These little houses are being gathered up and sent to a town in Japan to let the residents there who are still displaced from that huge quake last March know that we haven't forgotten them.

My friend in Japan sent this video about

Then and Now - Ishinomaki 11.11.11


  1. Oh Kathy, the Japanese family that receives this cute house is sure to love it. It looks very "Japanese handmade style" to me, so it will fit right in with any Japanese home here. Any little bit of happiness we can share with those affected by the triple disaster will be warmly welcome, I just know it!

  2. Very thoughtful.


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