10 February, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencils

Airplane stencils
For the Fugli giveaway - go here. I think I am closing this Sunday because now that I know I am infested with Fugli's, I feel the need for them to ship out-of-state - even out-of-the-country sooner.

My little great-niece turns one tomorrow.
I have two of these great-nieces and I consider them my practice grandchildren. So much fun.  However, these two little munchkins have 8 sets of G's and they live in a tiny house.
Hand-made gifts work really well here.
You might recall my sister and I outfitted the older niece with a fantastic doll bed for Christmas.

It seems like everybody in blog land has heard of freezer paper stencils. It's incredibly easy to do because for a onesie - you are looking at a 4" stencil at best. The hardest part is cutting out the stencil.
I printed the airplane onto the freezer paper. The frog was traced at the window.

My choices were an Airplane (from the airplane auntie), a dragonfly, and a froggie.
Hint: Pick images that are easy to cut out - i.e. line drawings.

After work today, I stopped off at Walmart to see what they had in solid color onesies. Almost everything for babies is short sleeve. Although we are heading for Spring, I really wanted something in the way of longer sleeves.

This is what I ended up with. The purple stripe, the pink small print, and one long-sleeved bodysuit. All from Faded Glory. These were $2.27 a piece, making this an affordable gift.

First, iron a piece of freezer paper inside the onesie. This will keep the paint from bleeding thru.
Second: Iron the stencil onto the front.  The stripes were very nice to line up the airplane straight.

That's about when I discovered the box of craft paints no longer resides here (mumble, grumble, text).
Ironing the stencil on, generally, means the paint won't bleed under. Pretty cool, really.

I had a jar of Luminous paint in my favorite blue-green, a spring green craft paint, and dimensional paint in black and white.
No - I DID NOT cut out the dragonfly. I have a mylar stencil.

Using what I have on hand, at least the three onesies will be coordinated.
I used the dimensional paint to make froggie eyes.
Photo taken at night-time. It's still a green frog on a pink shirt but it's a varigated green - really froggie green.

 I also tried my hand at shadowing the airplane with the black dimensional paint.This purple shirt probably needed a second coat - a little more difficult in getting an even coat. My shadowing isn't bad. Remember I told you the paints don't reside here anymore? Well - the brushes aren't here either. I had one brush that if I flattened it to a line against my finger, I could get an almost straight line. The prop lines were freehand.

And here's my fave - the dragonfly on white.

Fun project. I didn't post any links because there are about a thousand out there. YouTube videos as well.

The last thing I need to do is heat-set these. Generally, this involves your hot (dry) iron and a pressing cloth. Tomorrow (24 hours), I will cover the design with my pressing cloth and press for a few seconds. This should make the ink/paint permanent thru multiple washings.


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