18 November, 2011

Very Random Thoughts

In some particular order:

1.  Aahhck! Where did Feliz Navidad come from on my wake-up alarm?
2.  Why are two (2!) radio stations in Portland, Oregon playing non-stop Christmas music at the beginning of November?
3.  Note-to-self: Take photo for blog of where we get our Christmas tree. $2/foot
4.  Nothing to listen to on the radio driving to work.
5.  Should I make candy airplanes or chocolate heart pops for the bazaar.?
6.  Make only one (candy item).
7.  Repeat: small table: Decide which one to make!
8.  Too tired to sew some more of these little purses.
9.   I can sew this weekend.
10. Do I call, e-mail or text Thanksgiving invites to the family.
11.  Phone battery died. Thank God!
12.  Remember to charge phone.
13.  Thank God I learned how to send multiple texts a few months ago on my phone.
14.  Can I get one of those natural turkeys? Remember to stop back in at Thriftway to see if they got any in stock.
15. Make a list of what we need for groceries.
16. How can I get my Mom over to the library to see if they can get my mom comfortable using an e-reader?
17. I wish I knew my work schedule.
18. I wonder if the library is open Friday after Thanksgiving?
19. My mom, if someone could get her comfortable using an e-reader would really love a Kindle Fire.
20. No way! to my sister's request that I take my mom to JcPenney's Bra-fitting sale event. TMI.
21. I would buy my mom a Kindle Fire for Christmas.
22. Library is offering free noon-time e-reader 'get-aquainted' classes through November and December.
23. I wish I knew my work schedule.
24. I wish January would hurry up so I would know my work situation.
25. I have loved not working 6 days a week.
26. My etsy shop, Bonanza shop and ebay have all done pretty good for me these last few months.
27. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow my home business.
28. Daughter is NOT COMING for Thanksgiving!??!
29. She's probably the smart one here. She's gonna be a guest at her friend's dinner which generally means that family will set aside their petty dramas and BE POLITE.
30. Who can I invite for Thanksgiving so I get a polite table???
31. Husband's sister is thinking about it. Whew.
32. Remember to stop by TW and see if they have all the turkeys in yet.
33. Meet friend for coffee tomorrow at Biscuits after I get done with work.
34. Lots of work stuff to discuss.
35. Start picturing how to arrange table at bazaar. Daughter is setting up and manning it while I finish up work.
36. Why is a PO bazaar on a Saturday, anyway?
37. Right -- more  people to come in and buy.
38. This version of Carol of the Bells - I am liking.

39. What can I make for dessert that is gluten-free?
40. Ask Suzi if she has an easier recipe than this one.
41. What kind of activity can we do at Thanksgiving?
42. To keep family drama down to a minimum.
43. I am going to get that door fixed today!
44. It keeps slamming shut.
45. Dog is a whiner.
46. ahh, second cup of coffee.
47. I really hate drinking my vegetables (juicing).
48. But I like how it makes me feel.
49. Need to go make breakfast now.
50. Pear, apple, celery, zucchini, broccoli.

Serious random brain activity today.

Leaving you with Andy Williams, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

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