29 November, 2011

Thanksgiving Flowers

I was going to add these photos to my post from yesterday but it was getting a tad long. That's my problem - when I got something to say - I tend to keep writing and not editing.  These are some flowers I found blooming perkily when I took the compost out yesterday.

Bachelor Button

Hardy Fuchsia

Brown-eyed Susan
These are the really good orange Chuck-it Balls that Rusty 'borrows' from the neighbor's giant poodle, Faux Pas. Faux Pas likes to fetch also but tends to drop his balls when he sees something more interesting. Rusty discovered these balls go a long way and hold up to repeated fetching.
Rusty, like most Labs, has a keen sense of smell and hearing. He can fetch these in the dark.
 I came out to the garage to take a photo of the gunny sacks of nuts and Rusty gave me the look.

One more picture of the pumpkin seeds my sister roasted and flavored for me. She used olive oil instead of vegetable oil (soy).
She made plain Salted, Cinnamon and Cayenne.

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