13 November, 2011


It was a dark and dreary night day.

All of my photos had to be taken under the
Ott light.
I finished these hot pads for the bazaar (and etsy).

 I hope you can see some of the luminosity of the paint. I picked up the dragonfly stencil here and the paint here. This fabric is a tad rough so the paint wanted to catch on the surface. When I have stenciled on a smoother fabric the blue-green variations are more pronounced. You have to plan ahead as the paint needs to dry 24 hours before you heat set it with the iron.

Of course that means I have some spare stenciled dragonflies that will show up in other projects.

Our mailboxes are at the end of our private road about a half-mile away. This automatically enters you into the miler's club if you complete one circuit. I usually walk at least two in the early morning but as it was raining and blowing yesterday I copped out. I did not want to go to work start my day with rain-frizzed hair. Instead I walked down to get the mail in the rain and blustery wind later on in the afternoon. Which worked out because one of my neighbors was outside in her garage  painting pvc pipe to create a cold frame for one of her garden beds. A glass of wine later, we drove her car to my house and conducted a bamboo raid on my nearby neighbor's house which recently sold. She had a clumping variety of bamboo in her front side bed which was being overgrown by lanky rhododendrons. I say, "had", because now most of it is in my yard and that of the drinking wine neighbor's yard.

Arriving home, feeling tired (wine?), I caught up on some blog reading. I follow SewMamaSew this time of year because they put together an enticing list of very distracting handmade projects.
As usual, Kathy got immediately distracted with these.

Rather addicting, you are basically 'knitting' on your fingers. These are the two-fingered bracelets. The four-fingers created a huge mess coming out behind my fingers. I don't think I was managing to get it tight enough. V and Co. has a charming video so you, too, can cut into your knit stash and make cute bracelets.
You can also cut the 1" strips from old t-shirts, there-by bringing your latent re-purposing talents to all the people on your gift list.


  1. Oh, these are so neat. I love that metallic paint and natural colored cloth.

  2. There's no natural light here either, it's driving me crazy.


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