19 November, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

These are super quick to make. Reading the SMS blog before work this morning led to making these this afternoon.
Very fast to make and the directions are spot on.

These small zippered pouches are to store your ear buds. The key ring can attach to my daughter's book bag. Instead of stuffing her ear buds into her pocket- she can have a dedicated storage spot.
I made two.

The first one used the black checked fabric with the red plaid - but when it was done - it was not my daughter at all. Then I pulled out the orange polka dot fabric and then the blue (turtle) batik and this one is more her style.

My local Thriftway had the Turkeys on sale. I think they had the best deal too. Spend $100 and you get the turkey for FREE.  Spending $100 wasn't hard (when the kids were home) - you can see that Eggnog for the boy there. He's old enough now to spice up that eggnog.

My Thriftway has really embraced organic/local/gluten-free/allergy-free foods including
the turkey on the right.
I don't tend to react to the turkey. It's more the stuff they inject them with. Probably some soy-based liquid.  The Norbest turkey is for the (polite) family event on Thursday where they will devour the carcass. The Mary's turkey on the right is for my husband and I later.

Instead of a dessert for my gluten-free offering, I am making my Butternut Squash soup recipe for a first course. I can always make Rice Krispy Treats with chocolate on top for an easy dessert that I can handle in small bits and everyone else loves.

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  1. Cute! Thanks for sharing the link. You can never have too many little zippy pouches!


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