11 November, 2011

Bazaar Busy

I get in my sewing room(s) and cannot focus on one job. I want to make it all - at the same moment - on the same cutting table. I pull out fabrics for the next project before I am done with the first.  I end up having to have a severe talk with myself and I end up having to leave the room for a while (time-out) so I can get back to the ONE job at hand.
Which was to finish this respectable pile of hot pads.

Which was difficult because I am a self-imposed "gotta make it better" sewer. That last word could be the sewer but we'll try to keep it a sew-er. Just make the stinkin' simple hotpad. No way, Jose. I have to hand-draw a figure from the fabric - dragonflies - and quilt around that to make MY hotpads unique. That's me, I confess, very unique.
And troublesome.

You gotta admit - it turned out cuter.

I still have four insul-bright squares cut-out and I don't even wanna tell you where my busy brain went with these. I'll give you a hint: it involves a spin on dragonflies.

But, these are DONE.

Can you spot the OSU and U of O hotpads?

Portland PO Holiday Bazaar is Saturday, December 3, 2011 at
721 NW 9th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97209
Eco-Trust Building
Hours: 9am - 4pm

Come see what my undisciplined brain sews up.


  1. Thanks for telling us about the bazaar beforehand so we can plan to go. Hopefully my folks can make it up there and report back to me on all the goodies you whipped up. Love the dragonfly quilting. Very nice!

  2. Very cute potholders!Have a great time at your craft bazaar!


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