02 June, 2010


Gluten-free Licorice: Allen's Gourmet Licorice made in Nelson, B.C.
This licorice is made from Molasses, brown rice flour, aniseed oil & licorice root.

Bought here:

Kings Cupboard

2225 N Pacific Hwy WoodburnOR 97071

With all of my allergies, I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for foods I can eat. 

 Certain cravings surface continually.
One of these is Licorice.

Lately, a friend reminded me of Licorice Tea.   Licorice Spice Tea from Stash to be precise.

I've probably had ten cups of this tea in the last few weeks. And - it's almost enough to satisfy this craving.

I was at the King's Cupboard in Woodburn this morning and found this wheat-free licorice. It's a semi-soft, sticky type of licorice. It's good.
Then there is  salted licorice, more popular in Finland, called salmiakki. This is good stuff. It also doesn't contain flour or barley, typically.

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