20 June, 2010

Collings Foundation

For Father's Day, we ate at the Donald Cafe around noon. As always, a very big and filling fresh cooked breakfast.  Looking around the web for their web site or other info., I found mostly, "Only if you lived in Donald all your life would you be able to find the Donald Cafe".
Which is a fine reaction.   Keeps it from being 'discovered'.

Then we drove the short distance to the Aurora Airport to view  the Collings Foundation "Wings of Freedom" Tour stationed there this weekend. The B-24 and the B-17 were there but the P-51 is stuck in Salinas getting some mechanical work done on it.
This P-51 Mustang is a two seater, meaning you can go for a ride for only $2200 for 30 minutes. The B-24 and B-17 only cost four and a quarter. That's how it was told to me.  ($425)

Supposedly, the Collings Foundation is working on getting a two-seat Me-262 operational to come along on the tour. A little over 500mph ride.
(P-51 mustangs go just over 400mph unless they are super-modified for the Reno Air Races.)
These WWII warbirds show up at Aurora typically about this time of year.


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