24 June, 2010

My Mom Had The Funniest Story

Or, is that an anachronism.

We were talking about snotty noses, sniffly ones this time of year. My mom was adding her part to the conversation. She starts off with "I thought it was my lot in life, having a sniffly nose every day.  We used to say - back in school, "See that man walking down the street -- with the stripe running down his pants,"" ( as she motions with her hand).

That's it.  Blank stares. Then we got it.

A  l i t t l e   s l o w e r :
"See that man walking down the street" is said as your hand casually wipes across the nose to a semi-point (down the street). "With the stripe down his pants" as your hand , again casually, swipes down your pantleg. 

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