11 June, 2010

Pride & Prejudice

I am apparently on a Pride & Prejudice kick.
And I feel opinionated.

I am about halfway through Pride & Prejudice and Zombies via a CD audiobook.

It's full of engaging mayhem. I can drive and listen at the same time. 

They are making a movie of the book. I think it comes out this fall.

I can't imagine a movie of Austen and Zombies though.

At the same time, the 2005 movie version, starring Kiera Knightley is playing, right now, on my DVD drive. 

 Pieces are missing; Hairstyles, dress styles, one of Bingley's sisters, the flow of the story. Ick. The characterizations are off, and the acting is, well, missing.
And if Missy Kiera laughs one more time...

I have seen the BBC version with Colin Firth & 
Jennifer Ehle multiple times and it is always a delight to see it again. 
This favorite version does the best with characterizations from the Austen novel. Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennett are spot on.  The romantic flow of the story comes through.

I suppose, in my 'quest', I will see if I can borrow from the library, the classic  Greer 
Garson version from 1940.    (Not in the 9 county libraries!) Maybe I'll find one at a sale.

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