05 June, 2010

Sunshine - Portland Breaks Through The Clouds

Have we been two months with no sun or what?

Taking advantage of a brief clearing of skies, we went flying this afternoon.
We flew north towards Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's and across the Columbia river and circled back around south over Beaverton and Lake Oswego and finally home.

US Bank Tower is NOT leaning. Yes - afternoon light is hazy at best. This freeway offramp is from the Fremont Bridge and Hwy. 30 heading west.

Back over the hill separating the Columbia River and Portland from Beaverton.
Curvy rivers of houses flowing down the hill.
This might be the only cool photo of Beaverton. It's all housing developments here and no trees and don't forget the gigantic flats of Intel and other big silicone industry.

Looking over the hill - you can see the mighty Columbia. Portland is to the right - if you squint through the haze - you can see a bridge or two.  This particular housing is near the Cornelius Pass Rd. and Germantown Rd. which is how you get over the hill if you don't have a bright yellow wing of your own.

This is the  freeway interchange where Canyon Rd. and Raleigh Hills (10?)  intersects with Hwy 217.
If you hang a left at the second light - drive 1/4 mile, this cool Japanese grocery store is a must-see. Inside is the bookstore back in the right-hand corner.
I really liked the wavy pattern of the interchange from the air.

I took a few photos of the interchange for god's sake.
I discovered a couple of years ago that all of my AT&T bars are at 2000' - up in the air. ON the ground, I am constantly losing people  but in the air, I can text everybody - but not in Beaverton. There are no bars in Beaverton.

Bend in the Willamette River near our home. I was trying (remember it's hazy in the afternoon) to show how chocolate the rivers are with all the terminal rain we have been tortured with.

Happy thoughts and remember it's Rose Festival Weather for the next couple of weeks.
(more rain).

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  1. I like your phrasing -- tortured with rain... that's about how I feel right now.

    I love Uwajimaya's too! Any excuse to go. I always stop when I'm near.

    Glad you got up in the air on our one good day in the last couple of weeks.


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