09 October, 2016

Can You Stand More Rope Bowls

My friend, Pencil Girl, hand dyed some more clothesline for me.
I scored on the styling end as I happened to have some hops and white pumpkins in my kitchen table centerpiece. They offset the autumnal colors of the clothesline perfectly.

 I just love all the random swirls this method of dying creates. She keeps the hank of clothesline intact and uses a tall vase for dying.

I will say, I wasn't as enthused about this orangy and dusty purple combo when she handed it to me. I loved the blue/green combo she dyed for me before, so these colors weren't as exciting to me.

But my friend hand-dyed it for me, so I jumped in and fell in love with the autumnal colors that emerged as I designed as I zigzagged along.

I wanted to do those loopy things again  - for no particular reason.

 There was enough left to do a small saucer which is just darling.

  I had in mind a black & white version and what emerged from the sewing machine is another piece of awesomeness. It doesn't scream black and white as much as my vision but I did a couple of new techniques on this one.

For more color at the top, I did a final round of zigzagging so it shows more.
I also made my three knots looser and just attached them with the sewing machine for a cleaner finish.

I also discovered when turning it inside out, I like the loops inside and I also like the top edge rolled down.

You might say, I have found my groove.
So much fun and quick to do.

If you search for Rope Bowl over on my sidebar (web version - won't appear on the mobile version), you can see all the posts I've done on Rope Bowls.

I am amazed I haven't gotten tired of making these yet. They are super quick to do -- less than two hours, and they come off the sewing machine all different. Very organic designing - very freeing.


  1. You are cranking the rope bowls out! The white pumpkins go great with the autumnal bowls, and the saucer is darling indeed!

  2. I love *LOVE* L*O*V*E those bowls! They are worthy of being in an art gallery! They so remind me of the old coil baskets that the Native American Indians made. Good job! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. You definitely have a talent for these bowls. It is so fun to see your new creations!

  4. The orange and brown one looks like an Indian basket, with the design woven in. I really like that one, and the saucer, too.

    1. I just love how her hand dyed rope becomes even more awesome. It's a bit like that self-striping yarn - how the design emerges.

  5. The Autumn coloured bowls are my favourites so far - love the mix of oranges and browns, especially in the large bowl.

  6. Oh, the orange bowl is just beautiful. I'm wondering how difficult it is to do this on my sewing machine?

    1. I wish I could answer you directly but your bligger profile doesn't contail an email address. These are not difficult. A good #14 needle and some clothesline is all you need. Give it a go.

  7. I've made a great many of these coiled rope bowls and they addictive. It's definitely a learning curve - the first one won't be perfect, but keep on!


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