25 October, 2016

Boring Sewing

On Sunday, I surprised myself with energy to complete several "must do" projects around the house. Usually, on laundry day, I spend some much needed time recovering from the work week, getting myself in shape to go another week at work.
Especially after the last two weeks of copious amounts of overtime.

I finished voting (Oregon is a  Vote-By-Mail state ). Wrote four thank-you letters, readied my Halloween care packages, paid bills - cleaning off my kitchen island counter in the process.

I re-strung my Duette honeycomb blind (hunter douglas) - Thank You Youtube! After 26 years, the strings are starting to give up the ghost due to reefing on the strings and the dratted UV sunlight.

 I couldn't find the 9mm cord locally. I had to order online - found a seller in Florida who included a recipe for Pumpkin bread staple to her packing slip (sweet).

I then made chocolate chip cookies on my cleared off island. I wrapped several bundles for the freezer to go into the aforesaid care packages.

And I sewed.

I did some fun sewing right off the bat - playing with black & white patchwork to make some boring hotpads be spectacular. Then I did the chore sewing.

No photos because swearing was involved. I sewed together some 1/2 inch felt strips to go under the windshield of the Piper J-5. Didn't have to be awesome sewing because a flange seal goes over the top.

The problem lay with the copious amount of spary adhesive used by the hubby and the hissy fit  my sewing machine pitched. That adhesive gummed up everything,. The needle, the thread, me.

My intention was to sew two parallel lines for durability but my sanity won out when I told my hubs that one line of stitching was all he was gonna get.

I printed shipping labels for my packages (four!) and also wrote some other letters (8!).

Between  my split shift on Monday, I finished putting together my care packages.
I was sending trail mix to the nephews and needed halloween chocolate eyeballs to make eyeball stew.

DS camped near Mt. Jefferson this weekend and got these photos for me.

Fresh snow on Mt. Jefferson

Mt. Jefferson

DD is now in Latvia, having given Estonia her best. This is The Armoury Bar.


  1. Gosh.. what an amazing family you are! Bravo on getting so many things done! We just loafed all week. You must be so proud of your kids. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. DS is such a great photographer. I love seeing his photos. Plus, it is nice to see DD enjoying her overseas vacation! About the adhesive goo, (if there is a next time) try an alcohol type wipe on the needle every few stitches as you sew. We used to use the wipes that you clean your respirator with, because they were convenient at the time. Glad your "to-do" list is shorter!!!

    1. Yes, about every 3", I stopped and rubbed the goo off the needle. Thankfully the strip was only about 9 feet long. I hadn't thought to use an alcohol wipe - nice tip.

  3. Well done on all the achievements ! I've managed to delegate laundry - we currently get free electricity on Saturdays, 9am to 5pm - husband has the first load in the machine by 8:55, ready to push "go" . . . And keeps it up all day!!

    1. How do you get free electricity??? Inquiring minds want in too.

  4. You are an inspiration to all of us slackers :-)

  5. Don't you just hate it when you have to make eyeball stew and you don't have the right eyeballs? Happens every time! :D It sounds like you've been crazy busy - but at least you got some fun sewing in! When in doubt - fun sewing should come first - otherwise why would we even get out of bed? LOL!


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