02 October, 2016

Being A Tourist In Portland with Parkinsons; Part Two

Swan Island Dahlias

 Yesterday, we visited Multnomah Falls. On the way home, we stopped at the BIG Harley Davidson place in Gladstone.
Asko has been looking at Trikes as his condition deteriorates.

It was Monday so  we scored a very knowledgeable salesperson who was able to talk to foreigners without stupidity. Some trikes  - don't know the exact lingo - come with the two back wheels on the same suspension, others are separate. Harleys' come together so your ride might be more bumpy.  Who knew?

Also, you cannot import new motorcycles into Canada or the EU. However, you can sell to California, if the bike is used with at least 7500 miles on it to qualify for stricter CA emission requirements.

I explained that here in the US, Harley's have more status. But in Finland, everyone wants a Honda.

I also took them to Tony's Fish Market in Oregon City for some smoked and fresh salmon. Nums.

On the way home, we stopped at the Oregon City Overlook that looks down on the Oregon City Falls, the abandoned Blue Heron paper plant, the power plant,  and the locks. This is just off the highway (99E) and very little walking.

The next day, Tuesday, we drove over to the big Honda Dealership near Washington Square.
Less helpful, less merchandise.

Both Maria and Asko had all sorts of sweatshirts and tshirts with Honda Gullwing or Shadow on them - that they bought in Finland. This store, as big as it was, barely had a red Honda tshirt. Nothing about the different models. Quite disappointing.

Then we drove south to see my parents who wanted to meet Maria for the first time after all these years. There's a Mexican restaurant in Sherwood that I like. They had the enchilada special and Margaritas. A strawberry and a banana margarita. Happy tourists.

I had the carne asada and no margarita = happy driver.

Since walking long distance was out,  I couldn't show them our wonderful museums. So, I did the next best thing - Cabelas

This is so quintessentially Western US Outdoor. The center aisle contains all the animals we might encounter in the Western states - all safely taxidermed for our safety.

Some easy walking down a store aisle. This is all wheelchair accessible.

  We stopped at Old Navy  and found a woman's Timber's tank top. So tired of men's tshirts choking me at the neck.   I also found a nice v-neck woman's Oregon State Beaver's shirt.
Asko sat in the car - remember, he doesn't like shopping.

We drove back to canby via the Canby Ferry to make a short visit to the dahlia fields.

The ferry ride is short enough not to get out of the car. Asko grew up with a ferry quite similar to this one running on an underwater cable.

Photo credit belongs to our pharmacist in town at Parson's Canby Pharmacy.

The dahlia fields were still going strong and while there isn't a paved asphalt pathway through the fields, many of the flowers are quite near the road in several places allowing Asko to see them up close. Maria's dad used to raise these in Finland for his market stalls.

This day was made up of various small errands that involved a lot of car time with very little walking time.

Tomorrow's installment was another sunny day of awesomeness.


  1. Sounds like another wonderful day out and about. Dahlias are beautiful! They almost don't look real. I grew them in Massachusetts, but they had to be dug up every fall, and that grew old. Enjoy your evening!

  2. I have never been to Swan Island Dahlias! I guess I will have to go there someday. Nice tour of the area with your guests. I will have to ask your recommendation the next time I have company in town!


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