06 September, 2016

Dog Bone Pouches

 I made these as a thank you to our vet and his staff in helping with our dog over the past few years.

They can use them as treat bags, or whatever bags.

I lined them with a laminate fabric from Ikea  - orange polka dots. Easy to wash.
The outer fabric will remind them they are from the lady at the airpark.

I used a selection of yellow and orange zippers from stash.
Now to fill them with some nice chocolates or something.

 I also mis-placed my template pattern from the last time I made these so my notes here include the dimensions;

From pattern file: cut bone out of printer paper. About 8" x 4" with four rounded knobs.
Fold pattern piece in half and cut  with 1/4" SA -  two linings, two outers. Cut two battings at actual size. Install zipper as per usual. Add pull tab.
Because of different zipper widths, Cut the backings after you finish the front. One back, One lining, one batting/wadding less SA.
Open zip, sew all the way around with 1/4" SA. Turn. Top-stitch.

My sixth one is not top-stitched. I literally ran out of thread - not only at the spool but also on the bobbin. I had about a yard left on the bobbin and six inches on the spool!

I took that as a sign that six is enough and no one will notice that one is not top-stitched around the edges.
Possibly I was tired of making six. Done.


  1. HAHA those are adorable :) I did something similar a few years ago for our vet. Our kitty had to visit a LOT and the staff there were awesome. AWESOME. I made zipper bags out of cat fabric for each employee - I didn't think to make them cat (or fish? LOL!) shaped - that's such a cool idea! I'm sure the people in your vet's office will be thrilled with their appreciation gifts!

  2. You really are such a talented and generous person. I know they will love them. So sorry for the loss of your fur guy. ((hugs)), Teresa

  3. These are so creative and pretty ♥


  4. Neat idea. You did a great job in selecting the materials. Very thoughtful.

  5. These are so cute. What a wonderful gift to give.


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