21 September, 2016

Travel Purses; Part Three

The Passport Wallet.

This is just a teaser post as I'm running amuck with house guests arriving Saturday and my awesome work schedule getting in the way.

The bathroom is cleaned and it will just have to stay that way until Saturday.

Here's the first post in my Travel Purse trio.

And my second with the coin purse.

This wallet has been placed under my mattress to flatten it out and set the folds.


  1. Hi Kathy! This beautiful travel purse! I admire your patient to make carefully all the details! Fabrics are just perfect! x Teje

  2. When I clean the bathroom before company, I tell my guys that they're not allowed in there until the company arrives. The kids don't argue, but hubby gets really insulted by that! Too bad - she who cleans it, gets to make that rule :D

    That's a beautiful wallet - I opened the first picture in another tab so I could get a nice big picture and WOW - that cork fabric is just yummy!

    1. It's quite expensive but behaves perfectly. I love the cork texture.

  3. More beautiful cork fabric. Love how you've set the folds under the mattress. Don't forget it's there.

  4. It's gorgeous and I love your centerpiece! Have fun with your houseguests. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Love this wallet? Is the exterior the new cork fabric? I've been dying to try it out :) Thanks for sharing at Sew Cute Tuesday!


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