18 September, 2016

Sandra's Snowman

I am supposed to be sewing the third item in my daughter's travel purse trio: the passport wallet.


Easily distracted by super quick and easy, I was derailed by this cute snowman drawstring bag.
A tutorial is over here on Sandra's blog.

The most difficult part is trolling the button stash for big black buttons. You'll need seven of them. None of mine match either. (you could use felt instead).

One of my favorite businesses near my old work place is Garden Gallery Ironworks.
They were giving away teeny white pumpkins and hop vines. Cut your own. In the rain.

At their shop, I spied this most awesome wine shelf featuring a biplane!
It has holes for four bottles of wine, appendages to hold your wine glass collection AND it's a biplane. BE still my heart.

Last night I wandered around the house looking for a 36" wall space where I could hang this shelf.  The shelf sticks out about 8 - 9 inches. I found the perfect spot in the dining room but hubby is looking at me askance.

Hop Vines: Commonly used in beer making, they are also perfect for fall decor. I have another friend who uses them dried in her wedding bouquets she creates and also in the boutineers.

I stole a couple of photos to show her awesomeness.
She's mostly on Instagram: BohemianBouquets
(also on Facebook).


  1. It's fantastic Kathy - I'm so excited that you made it! I told my husband and DS1 about this but they couldn't figure out why I was so giddy - silly men :D

    That shelf is great - it certainly suits you, lol. Great find!

  2. Your version of this bag is so cute! I definitely would like to make one (or more than one of these, too). I think I would just skip the buttons and use felt or maybe just some black scraps. Your friend's bouquets are just gorgeous, too!

  3. What a fun and inspiring post!

  4. Cute snowman bag! I think that shelf definitely belongs in your home.. husbands just don't have the "vision" sometimes. Those bouquets are amazing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Cute! I think I will be making one too. Maybe Sandra has started a craze:)

    I sure hope your shelf finds it's way home soon ;)

  6. Different sized buttons adds more character to the snowman!

  7. AWWWW! That Sandra snowperson bag is sweet! Love that biplane shelf, too.

  8. I love Sandra's bag! Snow at Christmas is something I doubt I'll ever see. You certainly were quick making it up.

  9. I saw the bag on her blog - yours is great too

  10. so cute! thanks for linking up to elm street quilts bag it

  11. Terminally cute! Love those bouquets! Good luck finding the perfect spot got your new wine rack. When you drink a bottle, you can replace it with rolled up fabric.


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