11 February, 2015

Dog Bone Valentines


 I saw something like this in my facebook feed and I thought immediately of my nephews who got a new dog last year.

For Valentine's Day, I filled it with better treats.

These are my packages going out today - including the Valentine Bone above. My rural carrier gets counted for picking up these packages, and the number of packages. Also for dismounting from her vehicle to come to my front door.

 My giveaway of the Hot Chicken is going on all month. All you need to do is send me a postcard or a letter. My address is  on the main giveaway post.

Cluck Cluck - WIN ME.

 The lining is a thin laminate I bought in Helsinki. I finally cut into it after three years. It sewed like a dream. Doggy treats are kinda greasy so this will be washable and containable.

Back side
I found one dog print in dark colors (stash)  - a hunting scene and it did not quite fit Rose. I used some great airplane fabric instead - after all, it's from the airplane auntie.


  1. Handy that the mail count comes over valentines!!!! Great idea for a pouch. Do they have to take plastic bags when they walk the dog? It could be useful for that too!

    1. Yes - they live in the city. I should have put a swivel hook on it for easier attachment.....


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