22 February, 2015

Fabric Postcard

Inspired by my lovely friend in Japan (three weeks!!!) and another bloggy friend in the UK,
I made a fabric postcard. One more week of Rural Mail Count so this will make my carrier smile when she picks it up. One guess as to where it's headed?

For the address portion, I dithered about fabric markers, sharpies, or a piece of vellum. In the end, I sewed a scrap piece of vellum on and when fray-checking the corners, added a dab along the vellum seam lines. Hopefully it won't tear off from the perforations.

All other fabrics were fussy-cut from my vast collection and raw-edge sewn to a piece of peltex and batting.
Edging to secure is just a close-spaced zig-zag stitch that wraps around the edges.

The Chicken Pot Holder giveaway is still open through the end of the month {{last week}. All you have to do is send me a postcard or a letter. My address is on the original post. I've already received some really cute postcards, including an embroidered airplane. I posted some of them here.
I have had so much fun with this giveaway. Some of you don't even want the chickie - which cracks me up. I look forward to getting my mail everyday and it baffles me that some folks don't even check their mail but once every week or so (or longer). I usually have something interesting in the box even if it's only mail order vitamins.

I think I wrote almost 40 letters, postcards and parcels more than normal this month and it's true, to receive letters, you have to send letters.

Okay - I'm changing my red thread to something else now. . .


  1. I love your fabric postcard and hope it makes it to it's destination in one piece. I got your cute little card and tea bag yesterday, thank you! I will think of you as I sip away at it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Like blog comments....you have to give them to get them....or as with most anything else in life I suppose!

    Your card is super cute and I'm sure your friend will enjoy it. :)

  3. Oh a fabric postcard. Who would have thought? What a great idea!

  4. Very fun idea! I love to get real mail~


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