04 February, 2015

Hot Pad Thank You


At work Monday morning, I received  a surprise package. 
Once home, I opened it to find some Insulbright from a customer who had ordered a couple of handmade items off my etsy site.

 I immediately cut and sewed four hot pads with this cool postcard fabric so I can send two her way as a lovely thank you for the supplies and acknowledging that I can always use Insulbright.

For those that don't know what Insulbright is, it's a foil punched batting that withstands heat making it great to insert into hot pads or anything that gets near the heat.

***For the next three weeks, my rural postal route is being counted (Feb 7 - 28).

I have the best carrier and I like to support her so I will be posting extra letters and packages this month from my home to help her out.
Counting rural routes determines a carriers salary - an evaluation.
Mail volume has re-bounded since the recession with first class mail up over 1.5%.

Her route has not been counted in four years so she should see a huge boost in salary for the long days she has been putting in. She starts her day at 6:30/7am and ends it around 5/6pm. She generally works five days a week with a sub on Saturdays.

I've written about mail count before:
1. How your rural carrier gets paid.

2. Letter Writing.
3. Who to write to.

A lot of rural routes are being counted this month, not just mine. Whether you live on a rural route or know someone who does, I would like to encourage you to write more snail mail.

Postcrossing has talked about going off-line in February and committing to just writing letters.
They have a Month of Letters Challenge up right now for February.
I have noticed when I conscientiously turn off my laptop for longer periods, I get more done on the sewing front.

I love getting mail - above post - surprise package in my mail. Who doesn't like finding something beyond circulars in their mail box?
Here's an easy way to post more letters. Add a teabag to your card and ask the recipient to have a cup of tea with you. I swear I could hear smiles while my friends opened up that envelope. It will cost  a bit extra for that tea bag - as long as it's under a quarter-inch in thickness, it should be 70 cents (49 cent regular forever stamp plus 21 cent non-machinable stamp).

I would love it if you would send me a postcard (February 7 - 28, 2015):
24463 S. Skylane Dr
Canby, OR 97013


  1. Nice hot pads! Does a card in an envelope count?

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. yes = you are probably on a rural route that might be counted too. Feb 7 - 28.


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