06 February, 2015

Chicken Giveaway

I dumped my tea kettle for this very efficient water kettle. It boils water, like in 2 seconds (lol). My chickie doesn't really care for being perched so high.

Much better on my Desert Rose teapot.

I came up with a giveaway for everyone who reads this blog - you can tell your friends too.
To win this chicken pot holder, all you have to do is send me a postcard (or a letter). It must be postmarked between Feb 7 - 24, 2015).

This helps out my amazing mail carrier with more mail volume. My address is below.
I will draw randomly - seriously- the best postcard photo, the best joke, the best drawing, it will be my favorite card.

International peoples are welcome, I will post this chicken hot pad to the winner at the end of February.
Rural mail count goes from February 7 - 28, but I chose to end this giveaway on the 24th so I can receive your entry during mail count.

You might get extra points if you state on your postcard or in your letter how many other stamped pieces of mail you sent out during this time.
Or maybe you know some good chicken jokes.
Or, you can sketch flying airplanes, with chickie pilots.

I told you it would be a random pick.

***For the next three weeks, my rural postal route is being counted (Feb 7 - 28).

I have the best carrier and I like to support her so I will be posting extra letters and packages this month from my home to help her out.
Counting rural routes determines a carriers salary - an evaluation.
Mail volume has re-bounded since the recession with first class mail up over 1.5%.

Her route has not been counted in four years so she should see a huge boost in salary for the long days she has been putting in. She starts her day at 6:30/7am and ends it around 5/6pm. She generally works five days a week with a sub on Saturdays.

I've written about mail count before:
1. How your rural carrier gets paid.

2. Letter Writing.

3. Who to write to.

A lot of rural routes are being counted this month, not just mine. Whether you live on a rural route or know someone who does, I would like to encourage you to write more snail mail, especially this month.


  1. I just went up to the post office to mail Valentines and then had to pull yours out as it wouldn't fall into your dates requested! I'll try to get it off to you tomorrow but our PO has limited hours. But for sure on Monday. I'd love to win your hot pad chicken! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I'll send you a post card just for fun! I used to do Postcrossings but I have to walk to the post office and it's a bit of a hike from my house. Not that I mind walking (I'm an avid hiker) but it got to be difficult to keep up with the mailings and such. I didn't always have time. During the rainy season it was kind of a pain. We have horrid thunder and lightening storms.
    But I'd love to send you a post card or something...humm...let me think... :)

  3. what a strange wy of calculting wages, I'm sure here the posties get paid for an hourly rate, not by quantity! Anyway, post card on it's way x

  4. Just got my act together today--purchased the post cards at lunch and then wrote out my postcards for you tonight; will put it in my mailbox tmw! I'm not interested in the chicken (though it is super cute) and am just hoping the postcards will arrive at your door by the 28th!!!


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