08 May, 2016

Olivia The Pig Purse

A few weeks back, I made a Star baby quilt for someone who is about to pop. That baby has a three year old sister, named, Olivia. My niece also has that name, so I have Olivia the Pig fabric in my stash. I decided to make a small purse for her and fill it with some fun girly items.

 This is a largish stuffed bear who is modeling my purse so well.

Pattern called for piping, I used faux piping instead.
 This was a new-to-me sewing pattern that went together fairly fast once I decided to sit down and just sew.

I want to eventually write sewing patterns so this was a great lesson on what to do and what not to do. I find some pattern makers choke at a difficult part - they can't find the words to describe what they are doing, they can't get clear photos.

I'm left trying to figure how to get from step K to P with nothing of use in-between. That lesson is to re-make the dang thing, take even more photos, and get help to figure out the words.

Her pattern was short without excess wordiness chatter - which I like.
Her site is slow and filled with ads, so it can be slow going to navigate the pattern.

Finished Star quilt

I added some Bubbles, a Tiara, Stickers and some cool Sunglasses for Big Sister.
The quilt is rolled up next to the purse.

 And here is Mr. Bear reclining on the lovely flannel quilt.

 This is my most awesome African Violet. Pink, edged in lime green ruffles.


  1. That's an adorable little bag - perfect for any kid, but extra perfect for Miss Olivia :D I like the goodies you tucked into your bag - I do that as well, but had not thought of bubbles! I did some fabric crows (haha typo, no, I didn't do fabric crows, but I did do crowns!) that went over well - I shall stock up on a few tiaras - and bubbles - the next time I'm at the $ store - FUN!

  2. You did it! I love the purse. Plus, every photo of that Star quilt is awesome! My favorite is your "fancy" shoes! I have never seen an African Violet so utterly fashionable as yours.

    1. Shoes: DAWGs; Cheap version of Birkenstocks. My plantar faciitus thanks them everyday.

  3. I struggle with writing instructions, but I console myself I'm only really writing for me in case I revisit the technique!

  4. Such a cute little bag, both the fabric and the design.


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