16 May, 2016

Wrong Broad

 These are Retreat bags from Emmaline patterns.
The ditty bag size uses wire frames to hold it open and provide structure.

I had last week off work and was able to do a number of small jobs that pile up when you are trying to survive the day job.

One was getting my hair cut, at last.

I was four months overdue. The supervisor at work decided, without asking, that two of us clerks would also clean the workplace. We were doing the cleaning during the week, but then her peabrain decided to have us do it on Saturdays which, well, sucks.

We used to be able to count on getting the hours of 11am to 3pm free on Saturdays. So that's when I make appointments. Suddenly, without notice, I had to do a bit of cancelling -- if your value your hair, you don't wanna cancel at the last moment with your hairdresser person.

As it was, I had to show proof of my doctor appointments. Seriously.

No, it gets worse. We are doing that cleaning on overtime.

Rant over. I also did some yardwork, saw some friends for coffee, took care of my parent obligations, took time for me.

I didn't sew as much as I wanted but I did do some long over-due organizational jobs in the sewing room --see my zipper and threads all organized here.

I even managed to take four boxes of stuff to the thrift store.

So I still had my pink camouflage fabric out - whittling away at it - trying to use it up and these two bags came out of the sewing room. They still need zipper ends tidied up, but I seem to have lost misplaced those metal zipper ends (also from Emmaline Bags).

It was super easy to pick zippers for these bags! Thank you Kathy.

The label just 'happened'.


  1. Just sew some fabric ends on them (I glue them first, so I can get a nice crisp shape and nice topstitching) and Bob's your uncle :D I have some of the metal zipper ends too, but I'm saving them for Retreats that are gifts - they weren't cheap! I also bought some hardware from Ebay that goes on ribbons - I got the 25mm size so it should work on the zipper ends - I need to find them and try them!

    1. One of these is a gift. I don't have the rest of the gift finished so there is time for them to surface.....

  2. Those are nice bags you made! I hope your supervisor doesn't read your blog.. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Good for you for taking stuff to the thrift store! The bags are great and the label is empowering.

  4. Don't you love supervisors and their smart decisions! Fab pouches


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