30 May, 2016

There Was Sewing Done

 I made a similar book bag
a few weeks ago and immediately received an order for another.
This customer wanted elephants inside the tote.

I was looking for a blue kokka elephant fabric for the inside lining but had to settle on this pasha elephant instead. I believe I have some blue elephants but they may be airplanes instead. Zowie - there goes my mental mindkeeping. I'm almost certain they are inside my sewing room hiding in plain site.

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0179/1119/products/elephants-blue-nancy-wolff-kokka-japanese-fabric_large.jpg?v=1352781005 haha - here they are. they can't hide forever...

 The book tote is completely reversible so she can put her big books out there or throw the elephants around.

I had some Yoko Saito books come through my library queue and I'm enjoying thumbing through for inspiration. My blogging friend, Mrs. N,  is learning to do Japanese patchwork and I thought to do some myself.

I had to work today for a few hours. I'm very proud of myself - I rode my bike into town and back. Its just over 3 miles to my work place. I need to do this more often. My schedule changes so much and it's difficult to predict. I don't want to be on my busy roads at twilight.
I could always bike in, and if I need to, call my hubby to come pick me up.

We celebrated Memorial Day yesterday with BBQ baby back ribs, baked beans and potato salad.
The weather has been much cooler than a year ago when we were already sweltering under 100' days. This May has been averaging 70' or so making it very comfortable to sit outside on the patio and enjoy our dinner.

I'm trying to get my yard in shape and my new nemesis is the garter snake.
This is the year of the garter snake. 
The last few years have been all about cute baby rabbits which are not to be seen (at all!) this year. A whole lotta shrieking has been heard around here as Mr. Snake slithers away from where I'm about to step.

My vegetable garden is still a mass of weeds but I'm almost through whacking them down so I can roto till and re-do the compost piles and show those garter snakes who's the boss.


I made some more microwave cozy hot pads for my etsy shop too. Sewing is easy on these but it took me three sessions in the sewing room to get them done. I just love these red thimbles on the fabric. I found this fabric in Hawaii back in January. So perfect for the sewing enthusiast!

On that note, I'm ready again to try and get computer viruses just so I can watch The Great British Sewing Bee which is now up to season 4.

Recently. someone released season 1 to youtube but I think I would buy it if it were available. This show is sew much better than Project Runway with real sewing getting done and no drama - at all!  Getting little snippets is not my preferred way to watch tv. I saw on Netflix, they are carrying the Great British Bake-off ---- so maybe they will add the Sewing show too.

I had both kids home last week - not at the same time. It was so pleasant to catch up on their news. I am so grateful both of my kids are functioning adults and really living their lives.

We'll see the son again multiple times this month as he moves from central oregon to his new digs south of us  and settles in on his pharmaceutical residency. He graduates as a doctor in two weeks. Proud mama.


  1. Really like the bag, weeding is a fact of life for the gardner (Yuck!), and I would be really proud too having a doctor son! Congratulations!!

  2. WOW you have a lot going on ... love that blue elephant print - fun! Top of the list for me, though, is getting to see both kiddos ... and knowing that they're doing their own thing and being adults :) Big congrats to your son! Both of our kids have now bought houses (within half an hour of old mom and dad) and are established in their trade (electricians) - they're all grown up, and we're proud and happy :) They - WE! - did it!

  3. Neat new bag. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to your son.. what a huge accomplishment! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Biking to work! I am so impressed! I hope you can continue this trend!

  5. Congrats to the new Dr! And to you for cycling!!!! Book bag is fab! X


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