10 May, 2016

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

Wowza. Someone asked me if I'd like this gigantuan Button and Needle.
Of course I said "YES!"

It wouldn't fit in my car. I had to get Creative Girl's truck.
It's four feet in diameter. The needle is super long - maybe ten feet?.

It was wall art in someone's friends' living room.
Now it's mine!

 This gal sells books on etsy. Yes! books.
So I made her a book bag for a thank you.

 I used this Tailor iron-on transfer stuff. uggghhh. It leaves a residue of stiff sticky stuff.
Of course I read the directions. Two years ago when I bought the stuff.

I'd rather use my freezer paper to send fabric thru the printer and then piece it to a bag than use this stuff again.

Subtle "BOOKS" embroidery

 My book bag is reversible. Pencil Girl? Recognize this fabric?
I've had it in my possession for less than 48 hours and BAM! - already starting to use it.

 So the gal wanted me to make more of these bags. 
She said she would pay $15-20 if I made her another one for her sister....

The giant button is In the guest bedroom until some of the kid's things leave the house in this next month.
It's going in my garage - I need to get rid of some boxes full of stuff to sell so it will be awesome on the one big wall.

The button and needle are made of foam core with stiff paper adhered so it's all very light weight.


  1. Lol! Yes! Glad to see the fabric is inspiring to you! I love the book bag. And of course, the giant button with needle! Awesome things "find" you!

  2. The book bag is very chic and trendy, no wonder she wants another one! The big button and needle are fab.. not going to hang it in your sewing room? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your could put it on the ceiling! LOL!

    1. I could. that would either be even more awesome or very dark button about to fall on your head bad.

  4. I love sewing decor! What a find!!!

  5. That button is the most awesome. Thing. Ever. Bag is nifty, too.


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